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NYC Health Care Coalition Leadership Council Meetings Kick Off!

December 12, 2018


CHCANYS EM Team continues to engage in citywide healthcare emergency preparedness activities spearheaded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).


September 20, 2018 kicked off the new meeting cycle for DOHMH’s Health Care Coalition (HCC) activities that include Leadership Council meetings, as well as Emergency Preparedness Symposia (EPS), Here are the highlights from the first HCC meeting, which was the inaugural meeting for this budget year:



NYC HCC Leadership Council


Opening remarks were given by Marisa Raphael, Deputy Commissioner, DOHMH's Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response (OEPR). Ms. Raphael focused on “where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.” This included an overview of the coalition’s vision of bringing together all stakeholders to ensure NYC is as prepared as possible for any crisis. Ms. Raphael went over recent events that highlighted the role that healthcare plays in our nation and the world. For example, before September 11th, NYC had no Emergency Operations Center (EOC) or response structure. Today we have multiple partnerships, plans, tools, etc. Ms. Raphael also covered the importance and structure of the healthcare coalition and its overall accomplishments to date.


Darrin Pruitt, Director of Healthcare System Strategy, Evaluation and Education (DOHMH) and Dr. Celia Quinn, Executive Director for the Bureau of Healthcare System Readiness (DOHMH), reported out on topics such as CIMS trainings, coalition surge exercise (Surge Ex) and supply chain (personal protective equipment (PPE), pharmaceuticals, and disposable supplies). Mr. Pruitt also shared Surge Ex statistics and data, as well as plans for this year’s iteration of the exercise. Surge Ex Steering Committee structure was also presented. 


The HCC meeting included a vote to elect the Leadership Council Governance Board. 


To close the meeting, Dr. Mary Foote, Sr. Medical Coordinator for Communicable Disease Preparedness (DOHMH) reported on infectious diseases and what is currently on the radar, including the 2017-18 flu season. This season’s flu vaccine was found to be 36% effective.


To learn more about New York City Health Care Coalition and citywide healthcare preparedness activities, contact CHCANYS EM Team / PCEPN at


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