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PCEPN Team Attends NYC 3rd Emergency Preparedness Symposium and Coalition Leadership Council Meetings

May 30, 2018


CHCANYS EM Team continues to engage in citywide healthcare emergency preparedness activities spearheaded by the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH).


On May 8, 2018, our team attended DOHMH’s Emergency Preparedness Symposium (EPS), followed by the New York City Health Care Coalition (HCC) Leadership Council. Here are the highlights from these city-wide meetings that support city-wide healthcare emergency preparedness integration:



The day opened with Dr. Celia Quinn (DOHMH) providing welcoming remarks and framing the program contents, which was mostly focused on this year’s completed SurgeEx exercise and the lessons learned, as well as the future iterations of this coalition-wide full-scale surge exercise for the coalition members.


Data collection was the main focus of the exercise, and following the play it was organized into multiple graph charts. These charts were provided in a handout and showed figures categorized by bed type for different times throughout the exercise. These figures were also categorized by receiving or evacuating hospitals, as well as discharges and bed matches.


The discussion then shifted to the qualitative measures of the SurgEx. Some of the areas that were identified as areas of improvement were Patient Sending, Patient Receiving, Transportation, and Overall Communications. To better address these areas, the group was broken up into four (4) groups to give different perspectives on each topic before rotating to the next. After the breakout sessions, the groups came back together and there was a hotwash conducted to summarize each different areas findings.


The main takeaways from group discussions included issues with capacity and capability regarding space and bed types, the differences in bed type classifications that vary from network to network, surge Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) agreements taking precedent over outside requests to accept patients, and resource management regarding external partners with similar MOUs with other hospitals in need.



NYC HCC Leadership Council

Following the Symposium, the NYCHCC Leadership Council Meeting took place. The conversation focused mainly on Network and Borough/ Subject Matter Coalitions. The following 11 Coalitions each had the opportunity to give a fifteen (15) minute presentation on previous and future involvement and achievements:


Network Coalitions

  • MediSys Health Network

  • Montefiore Emergency Preparedness Coalition

  • Mount Sinai Health System Emergency Management Partnership

  • NYC Health + Hospitals

  • NYU Langone Health

  • New York Presbyterian Healthcare System

  • Northwell Health System


Borough/ Subject Matter Coalitions

  • Emergency Preparedness Coalition of Manhattan

  • The Brooklyn Coalition

  • The Queens County Emergency Preparedness Coalition

  • North HELP Coalition


The meeting concluded with an overview on upcoming NYC HCC Charter and Governance Board Elections.


To learn more about New York City Health Care Coalition and citywide healthcare preparedness activities, contact CHCANYS EM Team / PCEPN at


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