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Conference Call for Clinical Providers on Zika Virus and Testing Guidelines

September 14, 2016


New York City is home to many people who travel to areas with ongoing Zika virus transmission (visit CDC Page for the most recent list of affected areas). The list includes much of South and Central America and the Caribbean. 


NYC Obstetric providers, Midwives, Family Medicine providers, and others who care for women who are planning a pregnancy or who are currently pregnant can play a key role in the prevention and diagnosis of Zika infection.


To support this role, the New York City Health Department invites you to participate in a conference call regarding Zika virus infection and pregnancy. This call will be recorded. 

This call will provide:

  • Updated information on Zika virus infection and its connection with birth defects

  • Details about who should be tested and how to obtain testing for these patients

  • An opportunity to ask questions

Call details: 


Date:    September 16 2016
Time:    12:00 noon–1:00 p.m.
Dial-In Number:    (800) 230-1951 (no access code)

Detailed instructions for submission of specimens for Zika virus testing through the NYC Public Health Laboratory are also available here 


Also visit for the latest information on Zika virus and educational materials for your patients.

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