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Benefits of joining PCEPN
  • Enhanced preparedness to respond to and recover from emergencies through participation in training, exercises, and other technical assistance offered by PCEPN to its members

  • Advocacy/representation among ESF-8 partners in New York City, including NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, NYC Emergency Management and others partners

  • Assistance with assessing preparedness of the member sites

  • Technical assistance to improve emergency preparedness and business continuity planning

  • Greater understanding of the role of primary care in emergency response

  • Opportunities for enhanced community integration through coalitions

  • Ability to network and share best practices with other members

  • Membership can help participants meet requirements for CMS Emergency Preparedness Final Rule and meet HRSA expectations in regards to emergency preparedness as outlined in PIN 2007-15

How to join PCEPN

To become a member of PCEPN, an interested organization should:


  • Own or operate a primary care center in New York City

  • Complete PCEPN Membership Engagement Form

  • Assign primary and secondary points of contact for PCEPN

  • Sign up for PCEPN's communication platform 

  • Collaborate with PCEPN to establish the organization's current Tier Level* 

* Tier Level is based on score resulting from PCEPN's Emergency Management Baseline Assessment

Become a member of PCEPN

Please use this contact form if you are interested in becoming a member or have any questions.